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3-Port Firewire PCI slot Card - Low profile
ref. FW-PCI3LP

50,40 USD

• Connect Firewire peripherals to your notebook computer and take advantage of the high-speed IEEE1394 bus transfer

• Connect and disconnect your IEEE1394 & Firewire peripherals without having to reboot

Product description

Designed and manufactured for Digital Video, the new Comet Labs Firewire high-speed adapters are acheiving 400 Mbps of transfer rates providing a simple and affordable way to increase performance and productivity for sound and video editing. You can also connect scanners, hard disk drives, CD-Burners and any kind of Firewire compliant devices.

3-port Firewire PCI slot interface Card including 3 Firewire IEEE1394 (6 pin connector) is available now. This board is compliant with PCI low Profile standard and can be inserted into slimLine PC and rackmount chassis.

This card is supporting transfers for digital video in full size, full motion video of 720 x 480 pixels upto 30 frames per second.

Fully compliant with OHCI standard, up to 63 Firewire peripherals can be connected to these cards.

Physical features

3 Firewire ports 400 Mbps - 6 pin connector

400 Mbit/s data transfer rate
up to 63 Firewire IEEE1394, i-Link devices supported

Supported Protocols

PC Standard : IEEE1394, Firewire, i-Link Specifications
: OHCI compliance
: PCI 2.1 and 32-Bit Bus mastering

 Operating systems supported

- Windows 98
- Windows 98 Second Edition
- Windows Millenium
- Windows 2000
- MacOS 8.6, 9.0x et 9.1
- MacOS X


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